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Cutting Edge Industry Showcase


The Monday Hate Club

Trashy Tuesday

Dish The Dirt

Live At The Lion

Looks Dirty!


24/08/10 - Trashy Tuesday
Venue: Bull n Vic, Dartford, Kent

Link to Facebook event


27/08/10 - Live At The Lion
Venue: Red Lion, Gravesend, Kent


05/09/10 - METABOLIC - Student Send Off Shenanighans
The festivals are over but the students will soon be back at University and College. This means they need a big dose of ROCK before becoming swots again!
Venue: Ivory Lounge, Bexleyheath

Link to Facebook event page


20/09/10 - Cutting Edge Industry Showcase
Venue: Underworld, Camden

Link to Facebook event


For those with no access to Facebook all the above events and more can be seen in the eventmatrix gig guide.

Link to Band Quest photos (Into Exile by Martin Hobby)



DJ 69 @ Synthetic Culture Club



29/08/10 - Synthetic Culture Club
Acts playing: DJ 69 + many more
Venue: Egg, Kings Cross, London

Link to Facebook event


18/09/10 - Ozzfest
Venue: O2, Greenwich, London

Link to Facebook event page



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Band Quest 2011

Band members needed


Details: Looking for a drummer. Experienced London-based hard rock band. Have played many top venues including the Camden Underworld, Purple Turtle, Islington Academy and festivals such as Bloodstock and Hellfire.
Contact: Band on Flash (singer) Facebook page
Link: King Lizard myspace page


Details: Looking for a replacement / permanent drummer. Gigs booked for UK/Sweden in the autumn. Album already released.
Contact: Band on Diva Suicide myspace page
Link: Diva Suicide myspace page


Musician available: KEVIN EARDLEY
Details: Classic rock singer looking to work with like minded musicians. Influences include everyone from Rush, AC/DC, Deep Purple to Mastodon, Alice In Chains and Dokken.
Contact: 07891584862


Details: Looking for a brutal new vocalist to front the band. No screamo's please. Music all wriitten, recordings and gigs pending. Let us know if your interested.
Contact: Richie on 07852 413591
Link: Designs of Chaos myspace page


Details: Melodic Death Metal Band featuring 2 ex-Storm The Gates members. Must have a good level of musicianship. Previous stage experience preferable, but not required. Influences include: At The Gates, Dethklok, Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Bodom, Megadeth, Sabbath.
Contact: James on
Link: Agenland gumtree page


Details: Needs to be able to sing both clean vocals and some dirty metal growls! The band is based in Gravesend.
Contact: or ring 07773240833


Contact: or ring 07941865704
Link: Cometh of Solace Rock Matrix profile


Musician available: TOM FITZGERALD
Details: Based in Dartford with own equipment and studio, looking for others. Influences: A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden, Tool, Muse, Radiohead etc.
Contact: ring 01322 284 009


Musician available: DARREN HOLMES



Bloodstock Open Air @ Catton Hall - 13-15/08/10

The UK was a baron wasteland for metal festivals before Bloodstock began in 2001. Okay, you had the odd Ozzfest and giant Metallica gigs but these were aimed at the more commercial end of the metal spectrum, as was the proceeding Download Festival. The decision to move Bloodstock outside was met with derision by a few, but anyone who has witnessed Bloodstock Open Air, specifically over the past 3 years will know it has become not just one of the major festivals in the UK, but also Europe.


The blackened clouds and subsequent downpours which met metal fans on their arrival at Bloodstock 2010 did their best to dampen a weekend of heaviness. One person who was being attacked by an aggressive liquid outburst cried out that “God hates heavy metal” and as the ground turned into a sodden mess it was hard to disagree, not that Bromley metallers SNAKEBITE (7.5/10) cared. They had more important things to think about, like opening the tenth Bloodstock festival. In just over a year they have gone from playing local pubs to winning the Kent Metal 2 The Masses, playing Bloodstock in 2009, the Camden Underworld in early 2010 and Wacken shortly before this festival. They were back again this year to open the main stage, now christened the Ronnie James Dio stage. Martin Hobby Photography - Crowd The mud, rain and an annoying nip in the air couldn't stop the red hot Snakebite grooves from warming a crowd already looking like they had been camping for a whole weekend. Beholder front man and Metal 2 The Masses principal Simon Hall joined the band on stage for their final song, who alongside Snakebite vocalist Jason Smith looked like chaotic twins of evil, each voice complementing the other as they roamed the stage. The main riff to set closer '60 units' gave Bloodstock its first kick up the rear of a weekend packed full of metallic delights.

While UNDER BLACKENED SKIES (6) kicked off proceedings on the New Blood stage BLACK SPIDERS (6.5) brought their never ending trek to every British festival to Bloodstock on the RJD stage. As with their Ozzy support slot and High Voltage appearance they had no problems in drawing a crowd into their bluesy hard rock, with 'St. Peter' showcasing some fine guitar shenanigans. ROSS THE BOSS (8) may be a band in their own right, with the likes of 'Blood of knives' allowing Ross The Boss himself to shine, but it is undeniably the Manowar covers which send the crowd into spasms of delight. Patrick Fuchs excels on 'Fighting the World', hitting those God bothering high notes with ease. Hail to England indeed! Unluckily someone has to follow this set of metal anthems and German three-piece RAGE (7) seem a little tranquil in comparison, although Peavy Wagner surely is one of the most imposing front men/bassists of the weekend, his big, thick bass lines booming down on the crowd.

One of the highlights of the festival on the NB stage was MORGUE ORGY (7.5), who's multifaceted thrash/black metal attack was a site and sound to behold. The way they combine old and contemporary influences gives their music a classic but fresh feel, meaning the mixed crowd is hooked from the offset.

Bloodstock has been blessed by some truly outstanding performances from folk and battle metal bands over the years but maybe it's a little too early in the weekend and cold, muddy and rainy for ENSIFERUM (7) to really whip the Bloodstock thousands into shape. There is time to catch the start of CATHEDRAL (7) before heading back to the NB stage for symphonic metallers SPLINTERED SOUL (7). The sound on this stage for the first two days struggled to make the bands sound bigger than they do in a small local environment, but this didn't stop the Dartford collective belting out the likes of 'The epic', with Mandi Bailey's vocals sailing over the crowd to the back of the tent. If the guitars could have been heard for the whole set this may have been more of a triumphant campaign, with Chris Frosts' giant riffs only breaking through the lopsided mix several times. What Splintered Soul do show in this half hour is that they have the material which will inevitably lift them to bigger and better things.

GORGOROTH (7) provided the RJD stage with its first taste of titanic black metal, the buzz saw guitars giving vocalist Pest's voice an extra line of attack before SONATA ARTICA (6.5) planted their flag in the ground with some early evening power metal. Fans of the NWOBHM were in their element in the Sophie Lancaster tent as both STEELWING (7) and ENFORCER (7) treated a healthy contingent to some early eighties inspired trad metal. Things get a little more technical on the RJD stage as MESHUGGAH (8) treat Bloodstock to an hour of pummelling riffs, scientific drumming and mind twisting experimentalisation. Opener 'Rational gaze' is enough to send the thinking man loopy on its own, the drumming of Tomas Haake taking you on a journey of musical exploration that can never be forgotten.

OPETH (9.5) are left to bring the first night of the festival to a close and a solicitous set of metal classics confirm them as the band of the weekend. Their aren't many acts who can get away with starting a headlining performance with the likes of 'Windowpane', its softly delivered tones soothing the crowd and preparing them for eighty more minutes of awe-inspiring music. 'The grand conjuration' delivers a colossal punch before 'The lotus eater' from the most recent album 'Watershed' continues this outstanding recital of modern progressive metal. Mikael Akerfeldt's self-depreciating between song banter can sometimes become inane after a while but when they have the likes of 'The drapery falls' and 'Bleak' from Blackwater Park as part of their arsenal this becomes irrelevant. Perhaps the most defining moment of the set and maybe even Bloodstock 2010 was Opeth's homage to Dio in the form of 'Catch the rainbow'. Over ten thousand metal heads stood in near silence, spellbound by a band taking the Rainbow classic and making it their own. A stunning tribute within a striking set.


With more heavy rain overnight it seemed this year’s festival was destined to be a constantly wet affair turning Catton Hall into Mudstock. Despite this the amount of people who like the day before got up early enough to make the 10.30am start time of the RJD stage must be commended. The day began as the previous ended, with some prog-metal, but this time through ANDROMEDA (7.5). The Swedes may not be the most well known band on the bill but they get things off to an impressive start before Ipswich metalcore heroes ECHOES FALL (7.5) turn the NB tent into one gigantic swirling pit of excitement. Vocalist Jamie Filth is a fizzing ball of energy and like their Metal 2 The Masses performances in Essex they own the crowd. At one point they even manage the biggest wall of death of the weekend, stretching back to encompass the whole of the black half of the tent.

Annoyingly LEAVES' EYES (7.5) are playing at the same time meaning we only catch the last few tracks, but Liv Christine is on form and delivers her vocals with unbroken ease before EVILE (7.5) deliver a thrash master class. Martin Hobby Photography - Evile

ZOCALO (7.5) have long proved their worth in South East London but now was their chance to do it at a major festival, over on the NB stage. Drummer Rob Gamblin was back at Bloodstock for the second time having played here with The Inbreds some years back. His proficient drumming drove an impressive performance, with the guitar of Nik Sampson adding extra swagger to the likes of 'Providence'. As usual Zocalo prove irresistible and a packed tent moving to the grooviest riffs of the weekend is testimony to that. A few hours later it was the turn of SILAS (7.5), who had qualified via the Essex Metal 2 The Masses despite also being based around South East London. Their song writing has always shone at every venue they have played and the likes of 'In the grind' and 'Angels lie' finally get the platform they deserve, all their craft and inimitable polish shining down from the stage like flickers of light in a dark and muddy midlands realm. One doubts Bloodstock witnesses such a fusion of styles, ranging from metal to blues to jazz in a single thirty minute sprint for the rest of the weekend.

By this point the RJD stage was moving through the gears with EDGUY (7) bemoaning an early slot alongside their normal European metal anthems. As previous headliners they may have had a point, with 'Lavatory love machine', 'Superheroes' and 'King of fools' lifting the crowd with every gloriously cheesy line. Martin Hobby Photography - Devin Townsend AMORPHIS (7) provided the day with some mid-paced metal, perfectly fitting the late afternoon atmosphere, but it was the stand-up act of DEVIN TOWNSEND (8) which really captivated the Bloodstock throng. Sound and backing track problems meant the main man had to endure around twenty minutes of attention from one of the biggest crowds of the weekend with no music. The spark and enthusiasm of one of the most inventive and work thirsty artists in existence made it seem like seconds and act as a sound introduction to a set of various solo and band material such as 'Atticted' and 'Supercrush'. 'Life' rounds things off, performed with a youthful exuberance which only intensifies the poppy nature of the song.

After BENEDICTION (7.5) have finished giving everyone in the SL tent a lesson in old school death metal FEAR FACTORY (8) prepare to impress Bloodstock with their first festival headlining performance in the UK (albeit as joint headliners). In truth it is a near identical set that they have been performing on tour but you can't argue with the opening stomp of 'Mechanize', 'Shock' and 'Edgecrusher'. 'Linchpan' may have made its mark during the nu-metal years but it shakes the sodden Catton Hall turf with a riff of gargantuan proportions. Last years 'Mechanize' album not only put Fear Factory back on the metal map but was also a damn fine album in its own right, with 'Powershifter' and 'Fear campaign' showing everyone that this band can still sit aside anyone on stage, including the more metal festivals such as Bloodstock. 'Martyr' from debut album 'Soul of a New Machine' sits manically near the middle of the set before the last five songs are all taken from 1995 classic 'Demanufacture', sending some into fits of delight.

Some people had feared that CHILDREN OF BODOM (8.5) would end Saturday night with material taken mainly from their previous two less well received albums 'Blooddrunk' and 'Are You Dead Yet?' Fortunately for them, and one suspects a lot of people at Bloodstock, the band attack their headlining slot with 'Follow the reaper' and 'Hate crew deathroll', Alexi Laiho's vocals and guitar playing on top form, unleashing the frightenly quick solo in the second song with immaculate ease. At some Bodom shows the keyboards suffer by being too low in the mix but today they rise above the sounds on stage, adding an expandable melodic backing to the likes of 'Everytime I die'. The intros to 'Jump' (Van Halen) and 'Runaway' (Bon Jovi) played on the keyboards seem to get some of the biggest reactions of the day before 'Silent night, bodom night' and 'Downfall' brings things to a close. Saturday night ends on a Bodom high.


The last day finally saw the virtual banishment of rain and the opened armed welcome to that big shiny thing in the sky which makes things warm, dry and people smile.

It was almost perfect conditions for Californian thrashers BONDED BY BLOOD (7.5) to get things up and running on the RJD stage. Naming your band after a classic Exodus album leaves little to the imagination but the twenty minutes they are on flies by as quickly as one of their riffs. The NB stage saw London metallers NEONFLY (7.5) play without their regular vocalist. This didn't hold them back though as the epic 'Ship with no sails' managed to still sound huge and spacious on a stage that had struggled for a good resonance all weekend. The female backing vocals added an extra layer of melody to an explosive mix of power metal and hard rock. One punter described them as the "happiest band at Bloodstock" and the smiling faces in the crowd only seemed to confirm this.

Back on the RJD stage HOLY MOSES (6.5) blasted the midday crowd with their heads down approach to the wonderful world of heavy music before the metal queen herself DORO (8) Martin Hobby Photography - Doro unleashes a set made up of mainly Warlock songs, the likes of 'Burning the witches' and 'All we are' taking Bloodstock to the eighties in glorious style.

The droning bass sound emanating from the NB tent was responsible for making chests reverberate, thus drawing many a curious soul from across Catton Hall. The band responsible for this din was South coast doom merchants ISHMAEL (8) whose harsh female fronted tones linked intriguingly well with the sludge enveloping the stage. More upbeat were KORPIKLAANI (7.5) who's folk metal presence in the sun turns Bloodstock into the party capital of Derby, 'Vodka' and 'Beer beer' making people move parts of their bodies like never before.

Most people struggle to name any songs from GWAR (8) but we all know full well that isn't the point. To witness them live is like an outer body experience, albeit one involving fake blood, slime, nazi popes, policemen, decapitations, flailing limbs and of course the music. Today all of the above is thrown, shot and spat at the crowd in a way that only Gwar know how in a performance that rates as the most visual and ridiculous of an incredible weekend.

Martin Hobby Photography - Gojira In complete contrast French metal heads GOJIRA (8.5) let the music do the damage, their rise to prominence one of the fairy tales within metal of recent years. They perform like a well oiled machine, the riffs from Christian Andreu and Joe Duplantier's guitars crash down on Catton Hall like skyscrapers collapsing during one of many apocalyptic events. The vocals from Joe Duplantier remain constantly powerful, meeting the music in a partnership of musical destruction. 'Vacuity' sounds so big it threatens to swallow Bloodstock whole, leaving one of the most anticipated bands of the weekend with a job on their hands.

The death metal onslaught that follows from BLOODBATH (8) successfully continues the trend, with Mikael Akerfeldt returning to the RJD stage for the second time in three days. 'Process of disillumination' hits with devastating accuracy, ten thousand heads banging along to some of the most menacing riffs this year, before 'Mock the cross' and 'Eaten' bring the crowd to boiling point. Martin Hobby Photography - Cannibal Corpse CANNIBAL CORPSE (8) have enough material to follow anyone though and when front man George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher barks out the likes of 'Scalding hail', 'I cum blood' and 'Hammer smashed face' more bodies than ever fly over the barrier in a united salute to the kings of death metal.

There were some who bemoaned the fact that a hard rock band such as Europe headlined the more metal than metal festival that is Bloodstock last year. The same groans could be heard again this year when TWISTED SISTER (9) were announced. Anyone in attendance would know such views are rather blinkered as Twisted Sister roared through a set of hard rock classics, providing the ten year anniversary with more than a suitable finale. 'Come out and play', 'The kids are back' and 'Stay hungry' get the last set of the weekend underway, the band feeding from the energy and enthusiasm radiating from those ahead of them. Front man Dee Snider described by the British press as "resembling Sarah Jessica Parker dipped in battery acid" is less made up than in the past but is still more idiosyncratic than most, with his golden locks swaying in time to 'Captain Howdy'. The central part of the Twisted Sister sound is his vocals which are seemingly made in rock n roll Heaven, roaring through the likes of 'We're not gonna take it' like a man possessed by a million demons craving cheesy but quality hard rock. He announces 'Burn in hell' as "not a Dimmu Borgir song", which gets more people than ever smiling (the Norwegian symphonic black metallers covered the song) before the distinctive guitar tones courtesy of Jay Jay French kicks off the song proper. After an impressive drum solo from A.J. Pero the timeless classic 'I wanna rock' turns people giddy with excitement, ending the main set. The ensuing encore pushes the band past the curfew but nobody cares as 'Under the blade' revives the early eighties with a series of catchier than thou riffs, while Twisted Sister's own Dio tribute 'Long live rock n roll' builds the party atmosphere even further. 'S.M.F' ends one of the best performances of the festival and one which will inevitably see them dragged back to the UK for more dates.

As the tenth and possibly best Bloodstock festival comes to an end people depart, still on a high from a twisted sister and the fact black metal masters Immortal await them in 2011.

God may control the weather and hate heavy metal but Satan and Bloodstock have all the best music!

Review by Alan Hicks

All photos by Martin Hobby Photography


Guardians of Andromeda - Light Years From Destiny

Guardians of Andromeda

Click on band or DJ links below for info:


Like a unit of marauding Saxon warriors 'Light Years From Destiny' kicks down the doors of resistance and simply forces you to open your ears to this wonderful example of power enhanced heavy metal.

'Spirit of the eagle' drops you head first into a whirlwind of swirling guitars, containing the sonic boom of a Stratovarius-Dragonforce stand-off. Armed with a group-chanted chorus this track kills and drags you un-ceremonially into the rest of the album. 'Kingdom of hate' continues the pummelling with its multiple melodic passages, wielding that similar no nonsense punch that only the Dickinson/Smith partnership manages in Maiden. 'In the halls of our fathers' drags you from side to side with it's metallic might before unleashing yet more guitar wizardry, leaving your fingers severely twisted for just trying to emulate the fret board bothering heroics.

Chorus after chorus is ready made for the fields of Bloodstock and Wacken, the likes of 'Wrath of war' basking in a Kamelot-esque call to arms. The production job is top notch with every instrument crunching along its own path, especially the wailing guitar parts in 'The tyranny of the angels of the four winds'. The orchestral backing has been lovingly crafted throughout the whole album, making it sound damn enormous.

It's not all high speed riff-age, with songs such as the piano led 'For the love of metal' and 'Shine on' proving the band know how to slow things down and ready the listener for the next bout of aural battering. The singing of front man Phaellan is outstanding throughout and the addition of female vocals on 'Always in your heart' is a nice touch, working well on an album already chock full of superb musicianship and good ideas.

In a period when traditional metal has surged back to the forefront of peoples minds the Guardians of Andromeda have timed this release to perfection. They are holding aloft the flag for British metal, marching towards the musical fields of war, but it is up to you to follow.


Review by Alan Hicks


Faintest Idea - Ignore This Ignorance

Faintest Idea

Click on band or DJ links below for info:


(TNS Records)

A bounding retro ska punk horn intro sets out music's equivalent of a bloody red carpet, for the gruelling lead vocals of Sam Rayner to stomp all over. He's backed to the hilt by some beefy The Vandals veined support for boisterous opener, 'Criminals'. They use this drive to haughtily build up the tempo that gives protest song, 'Fight For Progress' that right mixture of rhythm, horn frivolity, anger and body right from the outset, as post-punk grits over the floundering ska bass. There is clarity to the mayhem, right the way through this ten track tirade. These swarming Swafham-ites rekindle old skool irreverence, despite the lyrics being occasionally trite.

'Broken Record', is a term often used to define many an attempt to rekindle the pissed off buzz of ska-punk's heyday. Unfortunately, this song doesn't really do a great deal to expel this myth. Rayner's self-defiant lyrical projection is a little too low-key to be able to match the horn and percussion thrust. This means that the cutting comments come across as tad limp. However, true insurgency is bashed out with piercing sincerity for 'Western World':

"What happened to our democracy? Also known as hypocrisy. Corruption living in a Western World."

A pop-punk push lends a mild fun feel to exasperated nature of 'Bully Boy'. Rythmic rousing and political bemusement are delivered from a nourish, atmospheric base for 'Dead Future'. Ironically, this slower blues pushed, police siren inclusive backing approach gives their protesting nature, more understanding and impact.

Faintest Idea has delivered a genuine and promising enough album, backing up their growing and potent live reputation. They admit themselves that there may not be a great deal of originality in the type of music that they produce, but there is enthusiasm and spirit aplenty.

Rating: 3/5

Review by Dave Adair


NEGLIGENCE reveal tracklisting for 'Coordinates Of Confusion'!

Metal Blade

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NEGLIGENCE have revealed the artwork and tracklisting for their new album Coordinates Of Confusion!

Coordinates Of Confusion has been mixed by Ruzz (drums) in their own Negligence studio in late spring of 2010 and was mastered at West West Side Music in New York by Alan Douches.

"We're stunned by the result of the mixing and mastering and can´t wait for you metalheads to hear it!", comments the band.

Coordinates Of Confusion track listing

  1. Mind Decay
  2. Screaming Fear
  3. Addicted To Aggression
  4. Disharmony
  5. The Way To...
  6. Insane Asylum
  7. The Q Box
  8. Sickened
  9. Shark Attack
  10. Coordinates Of Confusion

Coordinates Of Confusion will be released the 8th/11th of October 2010 via Metal Blade Records in Europe!

NEGLIGENCE was formed in 2000 by Dyz and Jey, two excellent Slovenian guitarists who shared the same passion for music and decided to start working together. They soon found a proper and stable line-up and played lots of shows in their homeland Slovenia including a gig at the infamous Metal Camp festival. Between 2003 and 2005 they also released three unnamed demos.

2005 marks a turning point in the history of NEGLIGENCE when they parted ways with their old singer and presented the 15-year old Alex as their new frontman. The band gathered a bigger fanbase and in 2007 NEGLIGENCE independently released their debut album Options Of A Trapped Mind. The album opened many new doors for the group and got a good reception amongst metal fans and received great reviews worldwide. Following the release, the band went on to promote their album supporting some of the biggest acts in metal, such as Exodus, Forbidden, Heathen, Sadus and Death Angel among others.

At the end of 2009, long-time member Dyz parted ways with the band but was still part of the production for the second album. NEGLIGENCE have recently found a second guitar player – his name is Aljo - who will help increasing the sheer power the band is able to deliver on stage!


Alex - vocals
Jey – guitars
Aljo - guitars
Lipnik - bass
Ruzz – drums

'CO-ORDINATES OF CONFUSION' is out on October 11, 2010 on Metal Blade.


Denounce to split!


Gravesend death metallers Denounce have announced they are to split at the end of October this year.

Their 7 year career has seen many highlights including playing the Bloodstock and Red Roar festivals, Camden Underworld and many other high profile venues. They also appeared in the likes of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer.

Official statement below:

"After nearly 7 years of Denounce, we've come to a mutual agreement that it's time to call it a day. We've had so many good times but have decided that it's time to move on. We've planned a final show for the 30th October with some amazing bands we've played with. We'd like to thank everyone we've ever worked with and hope to see you all for a Hallowe'en send off! Thanks again."

As mentioned above the band play a farewell show at the Red Lion in Gravesend, Kent on the 30th October:

Denounce final gig Facebook event

Check the band out here:


Martin Hobby shoots bands at Bloodstock

Martin Hobby Photography

Dartford photographer Martin Hobby was the offical photographer for Rock Matrix at the recent Bloodstock Festival.

To check out all of his Bloodstock work please go to Martin Hobby - Bloodstock 2010

A selection of photos can be found below and more are used for the Bloodstock review in the reviews section.

Martin Hobby Photography - Snakebite


Martin Hobby Photography - Splintered Soul


Martin Hobby Photography - Echoes Fall


Martin Hobby Photography - Zocalo


Martin Hobby Photography - Silas


Martin Hobby Photography - Opeth


Martin Hobby Photography - Children Of Bodom


Martin Hobby Photography - Fear Factory


Martin Hobby Photography - Twisted Sister


Martin Hobby Photography - Meshuggah


Martin Hobby Photography - Cathedral


Martin Hobby Photography - Sonata Arctica


Martin Hobby Photography - Crowd


Martin Hobby Photography - Crowd and Ronnie James Dio Stage


Contact details for Martin Hobby

07879 647830


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